Thanks again everyone for all the recommendations/advice! I chose one of the first ones to reach out to me, All Access Roofing and Gutters, and what a great choice! Thanks Yolanda Hernandez! Pascal was so knowledgeable, identified the problem immediately, took pictures of the issue on the roof so we could see it, made sure there was no water damage in the attic, and his price to repair and replace the faulty air vent was fair! I also contracted him to clean the roof & gutters! Even tho I have gutter guards, he found that there was tons of moss growing inside the gutter, so he removed the guards, cleaned out the moss and replaced the guards. All of this was fantastic, but the best part was his clean up! There was not one speck of debris anywhere and I actually think it was cleaner than when he started! If you need a roof & gutter contractor or just need a good cleaning, please call Pascal at All Access Roofing & Gutters LLC!!

Cubby Fagan,